Location & Access The Cadillac East Property is situated approximately 55km east of Val d’Or in the Province of Québec and 500km north-west of the city of Montréal. The property is easily accessed via the Trans-Canada Highway #117 that connects Montréal to Val-d’Or. The city of Val-d’Or is a major full-service center for exploration and mining activities in the region.
Jurisdiction Abitibi Greenstone Belt, Quebec, Canada
Property Size 12 claims (691.07 hectares)
Ownership Option agreement to earn 100% over 3 years


The Abitibi region has been extensively explored and mined since the early 20th century with exploration around the Cadillac East Property dating back to the 1940’s, when positive results from drilling by Chimo Mines Ltd. created interest in the area. Since then, numerous exploration companies and individuals, as well as the Québec Government have completed multiple ground and airborne geophysical surveys (electromagnetic, VLF-EM and magnetic), geological mapping and sampling, diamond drilling, and trenching. The Property has been the subject of numerous geophysical and geological surveys. Exploration in 2017 included a ground magnetic geophysical survey and soil sampling. There has been no advanced exploration or mining performed on this property.

The 2017 exploration work completed by Exploration Facilitation Unlimited Inc. (EFU) identified several potential targets for further investigation. Analytical results from the soil program follow:

  • Gold values range from 1 to 59 ppb;
  • Silver values range from 0.15 to 5.2 ppm; Copper values range from 2 to 62 ppm;
  • Zinc values range from 11 to 102ppm; and
  • Nickel values range from 10 to 336 ppm, with multiple significant values of 114, 152, 183, 187, 195, 218 and 336 ppm.

The anomalous nickel values warrant further investigation through additional soil sampling on a tightly spaced grid to allow contouring for targeting purposes. The ground magnetic survey also suggested several magnetic anomalies, attributed to potential mafic or ultramafic formations, that should be confirmed and better defined by detailed follow up. It is recommended that the soil and geophysical anomalies should be further investigated.